The Great Pyramid of Giza: Global Location

Keith M. Hunter

Why was the Great Pyramid built where it was built?

In view of the above question, so that one is in no doubt at the outset as to the scope of this inquiry, the issue is that of the GLOBAL POSITIONING of the structure, and not simply the local placement of the monument in the area in and around Egypt itself. The question therefore, stated with full precision, is as follows:

Is there a specific reason or a governing principle that led the builders of the Great Pyramid to locate the structure globally where they did?

That many people have been led to suspect that there is an affirmative answer to this question, is in no small part due to the fact that respecting latitude, the placement of the structure, at precisely 29 deg, 58 min and 50.952 sec, North of the equator [1], is close to an exact 30 degrees north.

30 Degrees Intended?

To date there are two theories that have been put forward by researchers to account for such a displacement from a seemingly ‘perfect’ 30 degrees north, as thought to be the intended latitude. The first is simply that there are no viable sites at 30 degrees exactly, just to the north of where the structure presently is, which would serve as a good physical foundation. Consequently, though the builders may have wanted to have built the structure at this latitude, they may have chosen to situate it where they did as a matter of practical necessity.

Another theory is that the structure may have been deliberately placed physically just short of 30 degrees north, at 29:58:50.952, because at this latitude, if one were to take into account atmospheric refraction, then were one stood at the foot of the Great Pyramid, the actual pole of the sky would possess a 30 degree altitude (up from the horizon) to the north. Of course, there is a certain degree of error with regard to this second consideration, as the Great Pyramid itself would have to have been placed with precision at 29:58:22 north of the equator, for the altitude of the pole to be an exact 30 degrees [2].

A Decisive Governing Principle?

Though the above ideas certainly do prove interesting, one must ask, are they decisive? Is there in fact a governing principle at work with respect to either the proposed physical 30 degrees north placement, or the polar 30 degrees altitude refraction placement?

It is difficult to say, precisely because, if a decision was made to correct from a desired location for the necessary convenience of building upon a good foundation, one has no way of knowing if the builders would have been able to position the Great Pyramid at either 30 degrees north or 29:58:22 north, with precision, were a good foundation to exist at these latitudes.

What would really prove interesting then, is if one could verify some subtle yet decisive principle that would appear to have governed the global placement of the Great Pyramid - at least with respect to latitude - which does not factor in an alteration due to local geological convenience. If such an association does exist, then only through careful examination of the true dimensions of the earth form, could one hope to reveal it.

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*Image of the Great Pyramid above from Sarah's recent visit to the Giza Plateau in Egypt.