Nikola Tesla & The Great Pyramid

By Keith Hunter

Tesla - the Wireless Transmission of Power & Earth Harmonics

In the work of quite a number of important theorists, including Christopher Dunn, it has been suggested that the Great Pyramid was originally built to be an active power plant. That the primary base-line dimension of the structure is harmonically integrated to the earth via a 1/14400 ratio, and that the latitude placement has been shown to possess a most decisive association to the Earth tropical year frequency also; there is indeed significant support for this idea.

However, it is fair to say that as a structure, the Great Pyramid stands silent in this present age. In order that one is able to further then the idea that it was once an active power plant capable of generating energy, good supporting evidence from modern electrical engineers of prominence would most definitely be of aid. Proceeding to this end, one may cite none other than arguably one of the great technical minds of the current world era: Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943 AD).

A Universal Genius of the Modern Age

In the realm of electrical engineering the name of Tesla stands out most prominently above almost all others in the present age. The achievements of this singular individual, in particular his discovery and mastery of Alternating Current, practically created the modern world, bringing power to the people in all countries, including global communications. In his field Tesla was the pioneer. And his research greatly advanced the technologies responsible for generating and distributing power, both of great magnitude and also over great distances. Indeed, his particular interest in this regard was to develop ways of actively transmitting power wirelessly; something that he did indeed manage to achieve during his work, as is well documented.

From the history of his life it is well known that Tesla set up several different research stations or laboratories in various different places throughout the United States where he lived, funded by a variety of powerful financial backers, including J. P. Morgan and George Westinghouse. One of the most important times in his life was that of 1899 to 1900, when he established a research laboratory in Colorado Springs for the purpose of studying the wireless transmission of signals and power, and also how such may be affected by the earth’s own atmosphere and structure.

The basic layout of the research station that he had built at Colorado Springs consisted of a large box or barn like structure, several dozen feet in length and breadth, with a long aerial some 142 ft high protruding from the centre of the building up into the sky, fixed with a 30” wooden ball covered over in foil*. With the facility built shortly after the arrival of Tesla in Colorado, and an electrical supply to the site provided by the nearby El Paso power company, he was able to engage in a very intense period of study lasting some 9 months, experimenting with all manner of electrical effects, oftentimes using extremely high-voltage and high frequency currents.

The Significance of the Colorado Springs Site

Concerning the Colorado research site itself, and also the precise nature of Tesla’s experiments, a great deal has already been written by others, and need not be repeated here. Rather, in building upon some of the information provided so far by other researchers, it will be the intention of the present author to add just one more piece to the puzzle, upon the very specific issue of why he chose to set up his transmitting station precisely where he did in Colorado Springs.

From what is known of the actual historical location of the site – for indeed it does not in fact stand today; being torn down shortly after Tesla left to pay off various debts – it is well documented that it stood approximately 1 mile to the east of downtown, on Knob Hill, upon land next to where the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind is situated, and which indeed operates even to this very day. The geodetic co-ordinates of the school itself, which would serve as a good reference for the location of the lab, to within a reasonable degree of error, are as follows:

38 Degrees, 50 Minutes, and 4 Seconds of arc, North
104 Degrees, 38 Minutes, and 30.6 Seconds of arc, West

Now, according to the accounts of others (to date), the primary reasons given for his choosing this particular location include simply that the land was free, and the electricity provided by the Colorado power company was convenient; but also of note, that the site was at high altitude and frequented by large thunderstorms. Moreover, and as is known today, the site about his lab was possessed of a more dense magnetic field than the surrounding area*.

All of the above noted were thus held to be conducive to the type of electrical experiments that the great inventor sought to perform, and ultimately to aid him in establishing a station from which he would be able to wirelessly transmit power over large distances.

Favourable Earth Harmonies

With all the above noted, one is thus bound to ask then at this point, just what is the connection between the work of Nikola Tesla in attempting to build a research station capable of transmitting power, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt?

The answer is to be had from a most notable harmonic association between the pure latitude positions of both sites. One that links the placement of the Great Pyramid and its associated Earth tropical year connection, to the very spot chosen by Tesla for his own power plant, and does so via the well noted progression of the ancient Babylonian Sexagesimal System. It is a simple connection, but one that is highly suggestive; and indicative of the fact that he had a very special reason for choosing the Knob Hill site that is not readily recognised: he needed to position his power plant on such a latitude as gave him a favourable energetic arc length displacement from the equator of the Earth.

The basic association is given as follows:

Latitude of the Great Pyramid: 29:58:50.952 North
Latitude of Tesla lab at Knob Hill: 38:50:04 North

Under the WGS84 Earth Ellipsoid model, the elliptical arc length values from the centre of the noted sites to the equator of the Earth are calculated as follows:

Great Pyramid: 10885784.9448 feet
Tesla Lab: 14108021.7078 feet

And a simple division:

14108021.7078 / 10885784.9448 = 1.29600408049

Following the progression back by successive division by the number 6:


One can see therefore that ideally, the progression would be of the following order:


In consideration of the above, it can be seen then that the arc length separation between Tesla’s lab and the equator is harmonically tied in to the arc length separation between the Great Pyramid and the equator, via the primary numeric sequence of the sexagesimal system. And with it already previously shown that the latitude placement of the Great Pyramid has a distinct tie-in to the current Earth tropical year (x10) pulsation rate, that such an ‘ideal’ ratio of 1.296 (162/125) connects up the Great Pyramid latitude to that of the transmitter station established by Tesla; it is quite conceivable therefore that he was applying the same scientific principles of resonance applicable to the Earth, as the ancient Egyptians who built the Great pyramid.

Just as Tesla sought to construct a means to wirelessly transmit power, so too did the ancients with their own device in their own age. In both cases though, it was actively discovered that the physical placement of a power plant, in order that it achieve an optimum level of efficiency to tap into the natural power of the Earth through resonance, was dependent upon the device being situated at a special arc length of separation between it and the equator. Only certain key resonant intervals that cover the earth may be chosen. Any arbitrary placement would result in a very weak if not fatally flawed power plant.

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