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Keith Hunter

An Extension of Tesla Technology: Secret Weapons Systems - World War II & Beyond

In the course of the build-up to the Second World War, government spending in military affairs, most especially in the US, reached heights barely imaginable just a few decades previously. But now however, completely new areas of physics were being opened up: electricity and magnetism, including the nuclear sciences. Massive funding was granted to explore these strange new realms like never before, with projects established of almost an esoteric nature.

The aim was to discover anything that could lead to military advantage over the enemy, and to actively develop new technological capabilities as could prove decisive in determining who ultimately would win the war. A whole new world of secret weapons projects was thus born.

When finally the war did come to an end in 1945, the world woke up sharply to a new reality, as what some of the scientists had been able to achieve became known, including Radar, the atom bomb, and rockets, which undoubtedly represented the most prominent developments. And yet, it is very important to realise, and often overlooked, that such developments as these only became known to the wider world, because it was practically impossible to keep them hidden.

In the case of the atom bomb, the fact that it was openly used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to force unconditional surrender from the Japanese meant that the nature of the device could not be held back. Similarly, the V2 rockets that struck London during the war forced a knowledge of such technology onto the people. In the case of Radar, although it would seem at first that this type of technology could have been successfully kept under wraps even after the end of the war, the inevitable development of civil aviation meant that it too had to be acknowledged.

Ongoing Secrecy in Advanced Weapons Research

In matters of defence, no government will ever openly disclose its best military assets unless forced to do so. And thus, many military capabilities may be developed and kept secret for a long time. Indeed, even when they are used for the first time, depending upon the technology itself, it may well be the case that disclosure is not a necessary consequence. For even existing and widely known weapons can be used without ever any issues of acknowledgement arising. By way of example, one could attack another country with a reasonably low yield nuclear weapon set off deep underground. The damage would mirror that of a strong earthquake, and thus the fact that an actual weapon was used, or that a specific country was behind the attack, might never become known.

After the Second World War, though certain military technologies did become known to the wider world, what is not readily acknowledged is that there were some that were never officially disclosed. And this is because it was possible to keep them by and large under wraps. The secret weapons technology thus remained secret. At least to the extent that nothing ‘major’ leaked out.

That being said however, quite a number of serious researchers who have looked into the matter very carefully in the years following the end of the war, have uncovered a significant body of evidence pointing to the fact that a whole new branch of physical science was explored during this period, quite apart from that considered to be ‘mainstream’. And that as a consequence of this, a set of almost fantastic military-technological breakthroughs were made that actively led to new weapons systems. They include:

- A means of causing artificial earthquakes

- The development of particle beam weapons

- Power systems that could tap almost unlimited energy from the Vacuum

- The ability to generate nuclear explosions and wilfully transmit them through space and time to any desired location

- Development of a means of propulsion involving anti-gravity methods based upon electricity and magnetism

In considering the list as given, of what would appear to be almost extraordinary capabilities, it would be well to know that none other than Nikola Tesla himself pioneered most of these fields. Officially, in terms of what physical-technological advancements made it into mainstream from Tesla’s work, only those things which were ‘none threatening’ to the establishment were allowed out. Thus was alternating current – developed by Tesla – considered ‘acceptable’ to the powers that be, who allowed it onto the world stage. However, Tesla’s work on ‘free energy’ systems and of tapping the almost inexhaustible reservoir of energy from the vacuum was not.

It is well recorded that through his experiments Tesla almost caused buildings to collapse through applied resonance to their structures. His theories in this regard explained how earthquake-force events could be artificially generated as a means to cause destruction. In addition, through his work in high-frequency high-voltage electrical currents, he was able to lay out the principles of particle beam weapons, and offered even to build one for the US military, dubbed the Tesla ‘death ray’ by the newspaper men of the day.

In advancing physics and the understanding of electricity and magnetism, it is fair to say of course that Tesla did not stand alone as one of those rare geniuses of his time. One may cite others of the same period, including Wilhelm Reich, Edward Leedskalnin, and T. Townsend Brown. Each of these men also made revolutionary advances in physics. In addition to which, the work of each of them was actively suppressed by the establishment. In the case of Reich in particular, his books were seized by Court Order and burnt to prevent his work from reaching a wider audience.

The Wireless Transmission of Power & Signals: Beyond Tesla

As of the present time, more than enough evidence exists to indicate that in the early part of the 20th century in the run up to the Second World War, in addition to the various secret weapons projects that did eventually become known after the end of the war, including Radar and the Atom Bomb, a number of other secret projects were simultaneously pursued based upon the discoveries of Tesla, Brown, Leedskalnin and Reich, that were never officially disclosed. And remain so even to this day. Although a full in-depth study of them all is beyond the scope of this present site, there is one particular development that is worthy of analysis: The further establishment of ‘transmitting stations’ by major world powers after the war, based upon an extension of the work of Tesla at Colorado Springs and Long Island.

In the few decades that followed the end of the war, it is very notable that the United States, one of the most dominant powers then newly arrived on the world stage, funded to the tune of millions of dollars the establishment of various military-scientific facilities in key locations around the world; positioning them at such notable harmonic intervals respecting the earth, as to possess a direct affinity to the very transmitting stations as were set up by Tesla at the turn of the century, including also in consequence, the Great Pyramid.

An evaluation of two of the most prominent sites of note, including Pine Gap, located in Australia, and Menwith Hill, located in England, is most definitely in order. For indeed, from the work of various notable researchers in the field who have already taken to study these facilities, there are strong indications that these sites, including certain others of note, form part of an active global surveillance network, code named: Echelon.

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