Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943 AD): Wireless Technology & Free Energy Pioneer

By Keith Hunter

The Inventions of Nikola Tesla that Transformed the World

In the realm of electrical engineering, Nikola Tesla ranks above all others as the greatest pioneer of his field. During his life his discoveries and inventions changed the world more dramatically than those of any other of his time, bringing power to the people as never before. Singularly responsible for the discovery of Alternating Current, the work of Tesla was and still is the basis for the modern power grids of the world. But this indeed was just one of his many discoveries. A prolific worker, the number of patents to his name is extensive, including such as the Tesla Coil; another of his most famous inventions. One may also cite his work on free energy systems and particle beam weapons technology – the Tesla death ray as it was dubbed by the media of the time.

Of special interest to this present site, it is well worthy of note that the pioneering achievements of this modern-day inventor would appear to be intimately associated with none other than those of the ancient past; most specifically, those actively responsible for constructing the Great Pyramid of Giza. Indeed, it would seem that Nikola Tesla may well have been the very first scientist-inventor of this present age to rediscover, through his groundbreaking work in electrical engineering, the critical elements of the secret science of the ancients, as lost to history. That this is so would appear to be had from a careful study of certain of his most famous experimental research stations, as were built at the turn of the century in the United States.

In the four essays that follow, one is provided with an in-depth analysis of two of Tesla’s most famous research facilities, including also an insightful look at the changing world in which he lived:

Part 1: Nikola Tesla & The Great Pyramid

How the first of Tesla’s major research stations established at Colorado Springs in 1899 to investigate the wireless transmission of power, is intimately associated mathematically with the latitude placement of the Great Pyramid. And how the critical linkage is tied-in to the basic numerical progression of the ancient Babylonian ‘base-60’ sexagesimal system e.g. 360, 21600, 1296000.

Part 2: Wardenclyffe Tower: The Great Project of Nikola Tesla

An analysis of arguably Tesla’s greatest project: The Wardenclyffe Tower transmitting station, built shortly after his time at Colorado; a free energy system designed to transmit power wirelessly to the masses. And of how it too in terms of its global location, possessed once more an intimate mathematical linkage via the Babylonian ‘base-60’ sexagesimal system to both the Great Pyramid and also his earlier Colorado Springs station.

Part 3: Tesla Undone: The Collapse of the Wardenclyffe Tower Project

A brief history of the Wardenclyffe Tower project as a whole, and of how it ultimately failed when its financial backers pulled out to protect their own interests. An evaluation also of the changing world in which Tesla lived during the first half of the 20th century in the United States, revealing it to be somewhat of a twilight in the age of the lone inventor, with the rise of ‘big government’.

Part 4: Secret Weapons Systems from World War II & Beyond: An Extension of Tesla Technology

A study of secrecy. And of the disclosure of various military advancements as were made during the Second World War, including Radar and the Atom Bomb. The covert military technological breakthroughs as were also made during the war based upon the work of Tesla, including other notable inventors of his age, such as Wilhelm Reich, T. Townsend Brown and Edward Leedskalnin, which were never disclosed even after the war’s end. The active suppression of the work of Tesla and other key inventors of the time. How their scientific discoveries and inventions including free energy systems were prevented from entering the mainstream and transforming the world, but developed in secret by the military for various (nefarious?) purposes.

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