Wardenclyffe Tower: The Great Project of Nikola Tesla

Keith Hunter

Tesla Moves to Long Island

Following on from his pioneering work conducted at the research station he had established in Colorado Springs in 1899, Nikola Tesla sought to go further still. And to this end he attempted to secure funding for a new facility; one that would be able to actively broadcast power freely to the world. At first initial funds were forthcoming, being from some of the very same financiers who had backed his work at Colorado, including J. P. Morgan. As a result construction began upon a newly designed transmitting station in 1901 on Long Island, New York. Named after a nearby resort complex, the station was known as the Wardenclyffe Tower facility. The precise geodetic location of the tower on Long Island is given as follows*:

                         40 Degrees, 56 Minutes, and 50.3 Seconds of arc, North
                         72 Degrees, 53 Minutes, and 55.6 Seconds of arc, West

As the development of this new transmitting station followed closely on after the experiments at the Colorado Springs site, one is of course bound to suspect that the placement of the new tower was governed also by a special consideration with regard to the latitude of the structure. In this one would not be mistaken. Indeed, it can be shown that the arc length distance separating Wardenclyffe Tower from the equator of the Earth has the same sort of harmonic affinity to the full equatorial circumference of the Earth, as the Colorado Springs site itself was shown to have with respect to the Great Pyramid.

In the previous analysis of the Great Pyramid it was demonstrated that the ‘x10 Tropical year ratio of increase’ (10.14561622…) measure determined the latitude position of the structure, with the actual ratio itself being based upon two distinct values: the ‘small circle’ circumference of the earth (at the latitude of the structure) and the elliptical arc length from the Great Pyramid to the equator. In the case of Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower facility, it would appear that a similar type of association is also to be had. In this instance however it is one that involves the full circular equatorial circumference of the earth, in conjunction with the elliptical arc length from the tower to the equator; but with one additional factor: a further transformation involving the ratio 22/7, a value shown previously to be of special significance respecting the Earth equatorial circumference. When evaluated properly, one is able to derive a direct mathematical association to the very same sexagesimal sequence as linked the Colorado site to the Great Pyramid. The proof is detailed as follows:

Under the WGS84 earth ellipsoid model, the elliptical arc length from Wardenclyffe Tower to the equator = 14877694.86248 feet

As stated previously, the Circular Equatorial Circumference of the Earth at the equator = 131487186.27107 feet

A simple division: 14877694.86248 / 131487186.27107
= 0.11314938956

And: 0.11314938956 / (22 / 7) = 0.03600207849

Ideally, one would expect the answer to be 0.036 precisely, with the actual ratio between the two values an exacting 0.113142857142857… (99 / 875 expressed as a fraction). With this, were one then to simply multiply the refined value of 0.036 by the number 6 twice (i.e. 6 x 6), then one would obtain the same ratio value as linked the Great Pyramid to the Colorado Springs site:


Carefully considered, any discrepancies that may be had with respect to the above values are only very slight, and indeed one can easily attribute them to the subtle measures of the WGS84 model itself, as well as of course actual errors in originally positioning the tower at the time of 1901 using the survey methods and earth models in use during that era. The key point is that the mathematics, taken in conjunction with the evaluation of the Colorado Springs site, is highly suggestive of the fact that there was a deliberate intention by Nikola Tesla to position the tower such that the ratio between its elliptical arc length latitude and the full equatorial circumference of the earth was 99 / 875. And that such a ratio was critical to its proper functioning, in allowing it to be able to correctly interact with the earth via resonance to tap into its energies.

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**Image of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower facility