Keith Hunter - Interviews: The Lost Age of High Knowledge, & Esoteric Science

A Project Camelot interview from: 01 April 2015 by Kerry Cassidy

It touches upon various aspects of the re-discovery of the lost science of the ancients, and of covert military projects. Click on the following Link to hear the broadcast. It is about 1 hour 30 minutes in length:

Topics Covered in Sequence:

0 to 17:43 - Personal Background
Ancient Myths & A Once Harmonious Solar System
360 Days per year / 30 Days per moon Month

17:44 to 26:00 - Megalithic Monuments:
The Great Pyramid & The Pyramid on Mars
Advanced Knowledge of the Earth Size Based on
Positioning of Megalithic Structures

26:01 to 40:36 - The Echelon Matrix
Menwith Hill & Pine Gap Bases & a 60Hz link to the US Power Grid
Nikola Tesla’s Research at Colorado/The Great Pyramid
The Germanwings Plane Crash

40:37 to 59:03 - The Secrets of Nuclear Weapons
The work of Bruce Cathie on Energy Harmonics
Fukushima – The Japan 9.0 quake of 11 March 2011
Nuclear Weapons & Earthquakes – How they are related

59:04 to 01:03:44 - HAARP & Earth Energy Earth

01:03:45 to 01:23:17 - The Secret Physics behind Astrology
How the Positions of the Planets Block & Allow for Earthquakes
The True Basis of Earthquake Forecasting

01:23:18 to 01:28:55 - Exotic Celestial Phenomena
End of Age Myths

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