Earthquake Predictions & The Music of the Spheres

Keith M. Hunter

A Case Study in Earthquake Predictions - 9.0 Japan Earthquake 11 March 2011 - The Music of the Spheres - Celestial Resonance & Earthquakes

It was well recognised by the ancients that the planets, including the Sun and the moon, were able to directly trigger natural disasters upon the earth when they achieved certain special patterns relative to our planet. Indeed, when one consults many of the esoteric texts and the mythologies of ancient cultures, one will find clear references in particular to conjunctions of extreme accuracy resulting in massive global devastation.

Earthquake Predictions

Of course highly accurate conjunctions involving many bodies are extremely rare, and these types of events are concerned with the transition points between world ages, marked out by great destruction to the Earth itself, including all of the bodies within our solar system. Nevertheless, the same mechanism as causes such major disasters is also responsible for minor disasters as occur on a more day-to-day timescale so to speak. Now the mechanism in question was known to the ancients as The Music of the Spheres. For all of the planets are continuously emitting their own unique musical harmonies. They each propagate out their signature frequencies, and in turn receive those of all other bodies. And thus respecting the general movement of the planets about our sun there is a complex interplay of musical harmonies between all celestial bodies. And as the ancients well knew, such patterns can be causally related to one of the most devastating kinds of natural disaster to afflict our planet on a regular basis: earthquakes.

Now indeed, the complex patterns as dynamically manifest are responsible for triggering earthquakes upon our planet in a highly exacting manner, and this indeed allows for earthquake predictions of exceptional accuracy to be made. For contrary to official doctrine, destructive seismic events are not random at all, although at the low end of the scale they may well be modelled in a statistical manner for convenience. The full truth of the matter is that all earthquakes are highly targeted and can be forecast well into the future to extreme accuracy, due to the fact that their occurrence is dependent almost entirely upon the patterns of the major celestial bodies of the heavens, relative to the Earth. And this very fact, is not only one that was well known to various ancient civilisations, it is a fact that has been rediscovered by modern military forces, who have in this present age actively weaponised the mechanism as is responsible for causing entirely natural earthquake events. Indeed, one is forced to acknowledge that earthquake predictions are in fact a matter of National Security.

Now in a video presentation on nuclear weapons I explained in some detail some of the secret principles of these devices, and of how they are triggered, making use of special angular relations linking up the Sun to the ground position of the device upon activation. And explained how musical ratios of various types were employed with respect to some of most prominent nuclear events in history, including Mike, Bravo, King and Grapple Y. In doing so, I introduced the diagram (below), as displayed, to highlight certain critical measures as are used to actively engineer a nuclear explosion.

Now concerning the diagram itself, the Earth as shown is modelled as an ellipsoid form in accordance with our most advanced model, which is the WGS84 model. The latitude and longitude coordinates on the ground for a given nuclear event are related to the ground positions of various celestial bodies at the moment the device is triggered. The two key measures as were evaluated in the nuclear lecture were those of the elliptical arc up from the equator to the latitude point of the device, and also the arc length measure over the surface of the ellipsoid Earth as connected up the bomb position to the ground position of a given celestial body, such as the Sun for example.

The critical thing to note here though in respect to nuclear devices, is that they tap into the very same physical mechanism of our solar system as is responsible for causing natural earthquakes. And indeed, as a result of this, this very same figure can be used to demonstrate exactly how earthquakes themselves are related to the ground positions of various celestial bodies, as are involved in actively triggering them. Thus we can simply substitute the latitude-longitude coordinates of the ground zero positions of nuclear events for those of the epicentres of earthquake events, and conduct an evaluation of exactly the same type. Indeed, earthquake predictions as can be made, rest upon the very use of this earth ellipsoid model as a shell upon which to plot various celestial bodies.

Now with respect to evaluating earthquakes it would be well to note just how frequently they occur. The earthquake scale that most people are familiar with is the Richter scale. And it is important to realise concerning the Richter scale that each point difference corresponds to a difference in power of some 32 times. A level 6.0 earthquake is thus 32 times more powerful than a 5.0 earthquake, or 32 times less powerful than a 7.0 earthquake. The table as shown clearly reveals that high magnitude earthquakes are very rare. Certainly those which affect civilisation so to speak in any significant way tend to begin at 5.0, above which there are only approximately some 1300 each year. Indeed, the vast majority of earthquakes at the low-end of the scale are barely even felt, and in general may be considered as almost ‘background noise’ so to speak.

When it comes to earthquake predictions and modelling then, it is really only those earthquakes which stand out from the low-end background noise which are worthy of consideration and evaluation. And indeed, the powerful earthquakes of this type truly do stand out from the background, possessing complex energetic signatures with respect to the positions of the major celestial bodies – and of a very exacting nature!

In my book, The Lost Age of High Knowledge, I evaluate some 14 nuclear events, concentrating almost exclusively upon those of great historical significance, but in addition to this I also examine certain high magnitude earthquakes. In respect of both types of events I demonstrate that at the moment of their occurrence, the Sun itself, and also the moon on occasion, are found to be in a most harmonious position with respect to the ‘ground location’ of the events themselves. Not only does the math as defines the signature patterns of the events conform to the basic numerical system developed by the Sumerians and Babylonians i.e. their base 60 mathematical system - which we have inherited this day; but also, basic musical ratios are found to be built-in to the energetic signatures that characterise these destructive events.

Key proofs are offered, revealing that the system of measures we use today in the United Kingdom and also in the United States - that is, Imperial measures - are not merely arbitrary units of distance but are in fact key wavelength measures as accompany the natural frequencies associated with the celestial bodies of our solar system. The arc length measures as thus map onto the surface of the Earth ellipsoid form of the two types as just noted, are thus found to be highly significant when expressed in units of Imperial measures e.g. Feet, fathoms, or inches, including even more refined harmonic measures of such intervals. Such relations validate the energetic significance of Imperial measures, and reveal that the whole system is not composed of a mere arbitrary series of distance units.

Now in addition to the arc length measures, found to have significance in their own right when expressed in terms of Imperial units, there is also the fact that arc length measures are invariably found when compared to one another, and also to the dimensions of the Earth itself, to embody basic musical ratios of great significance. Indeed, this is why the ancients referred to this science as The Music of the Spheres.

Musical patterns accompany earthquake events, and to a highly exacting standard. All earthquake predictions are based upon this ancient science. And the actual significance of this, is to be had when one considers the phenomenon known as resonance. For indeed, the musical patterns as accompany natural earthquake events are of an extreme resonant type. To be clear, destructive resonance itself is what is responsible for earthquakes. And the exacting waveforms associated with resonance allow for earthquake predictions that are themselves very exacting.

In the natural course of its movement about the Sun, the Earth is continuously being hit by external waveforms emitted by other celestial bodies. Now when certain special patterns are achieved of extreme significance, there is a harmonic convergence event which fleetingly targets a very precise point upon the Earth, which then becomes the focal point for an earthquake. The precise positions of the major celestial bodies relative to the Earth are thus responsible for directly triggering earthquake events just under the surface of our planet, by way of establishing powerful resonant patterns that converge upon the Earth at a critical moment. Precise earthquake predictions rely upon the exacting nature of these convergence events.

The Methodology of Earthquake Predictions & Earthquake Analysis

To help demonstrate this, a very prominent earthquake that occurred in 2011 in Japan  will be evaluated, with precise details given as to just how exactly earthquake events are modelled; to demonstrate the significance of not only the stand-alone arc measures as link up the epicentre points of various earthquakes to the ground positions of various celestial bodies, when expressed in Imperial measures, but also the musical relations as comprise an earthquake signature, revealing the unmistakable presence of resonance itself respecting these destructive events.

On March 11, 2011 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck just off the coast of Japan. The earthquake was so powerful that it caused a massive tsunami which swept across the eastern shore of the country, and in particular caused the meltdown of a series of nuclear reactors at Fukushima. The precise details including the location and universal time – even down to the nearest second when the earthquake was registered, can be found at the Australian government's own earthquake database. Now precise data is indeed critical for any evaluation of an earthquake, or for making earthquake predictions.

Japan Earthquake - Magnitude: 9.0
Time: 11 March 2011, 05 hours 46 min 24 seconds, Universal Time
Location: 38.322° North, 142.369° East

Source: Official Australian Government:
Geoscience@ Earthquakes Australia database (

Now with a given set of coordinates on the ground for the epicentre of the earthquake, in order to evaluate the musical signature of the event one will need to compare the epicentre point to the ground locations of various celestial bodies of note. And in order to do this, one must take the universal time of the event, and put it into an astronomical package, to determine the locations at that precise moment, of the major celestial bodies under consideration, relative to the Earth. In this case the following evaluation will make use of the program developed by Hemming Umland, based upon the VSOP87D theory, of which full details are given at the bottom of the image; a highly advanced system to be sure. Indeed, the very extension of this type of computer software, built to dynamically model the future positions of the major celestial bodies relative to the earth, is what earthquake predictions rest upon.

Inputting the Universal Time of the Japanese earthquake into this program and hitting the calculate button instantly returns the positional values of the major bodies. Now of the various columns of information, one needs to be concerned with those which detail Greenwich Hour Angle and Declination. These are the equivalent of longitude and latitude within the celestial realm. When one is specifying the location of an object upon the Earth, zero longitude is set at the prime Meridian, which runs through Greenwich. For any given Universal Time, the Greenwich Hour Angle of a planet is the longitudinal position of the planet westwards from the prime Meridian, from 0 to 360°. This is the equivalent of an “on-the ground” longitude measure. Now with respect to the declination of a planet, this is the latitude angle in degrees, either north or south of the earth’s equator, as extended into space – by convention referred to as the celestial equator.

Essentially then, what this program is modelling with these two types of values is a “ground position” of a given celestial body upon the surface of the earth. Basically, if one were to freeze the solar system at a given Universal Time, and draw a straight line between the centre of the Earth and the centre of a given celestial body, such as the Sun for example, the Greenwich Hour Angle and declination values given for the body, when mapped onto the surface of the Earth, will detail the point at which the connecting line pierces through the surface of our planet. It establishes the ground position of the body one is evaluating, which is absolutely essential for evaluating historical earthquakes, and generating earthquake predictions for the future.

Now there is one important caveat here. Whereas the Greenwich Hour Angle values of a given celestial body can be mapped directly onto the Earth to express the longitude of that body, astronomical programs that detail the declination angle of a celestial body, above or below the Earth's equator, invariably specify the angle as a geocentric angle. Now this is a different type of angle to a geodetic angle - which is of the type used for surface mapping - and thus used in earthquake databases. As a result of this, one needs to apply a special formula to the declination value from the astronomical program to convert it from a geocentric to a geodetic angle. Now this latter type of angle is one that is 90° to the local horizontal plane touching a point upon the earth. This is detailed in the diagram given (below). Now one key variable within the formula is the flattening measure. This is a mathematical value that is derived from the equatorial and polar radius values of the Earth under the WGS84 model.

Employing the formula then, one simply substitutes in the raw geocentric declination value from the astronomical package, along with the flattening value of the WGS84 model. And this allows one to derive the geodetic latitude point for the celestial body under evaluation.

In proceeding with the analysis, one will need a great circle calculator program so that one can input the latitude and longitude coordinates of the epicentre of the earthquake - taken directly from whichever earthquake database one is using, and also the latitude and longitude ground position coordinates of a given celestial body under consideration. Now the particular program on display here (image below), as will be used, requires that longitude be expressed in terms of 0 to 180° west or east of the prime Meridian. As a result, in evaluating the Sun, taking the Greenwich Hour Angle value direct from Umland’s program, one needs to convert the Westward longitudinal value to a value East of the prime Meridian. With this done, and with the conversion of the geocentric declination value of the Sun into a geodetic latitude value, using the proscribed formula, one now has a set of co-ordinates for the ground position of the sun as mapped onto the Earth. With respect to both sets of co-ordinates, the expressed values are given in terms of decimal notation, as opposed to degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc. 

Importing the two sets of coordinates into the program one can thus work out the instantaneous arc length as connected up the epicentre of the earthquake to the Sun ground position over the surface of the ellipsoid Earth, at the very moment the event occurred. One can see the answer in the box below, expressed in feet.

Now following this same type of analysis, one could also do a similar calculation to work out the moon ground position and its associated arc length connection to the epicentre of the earthquake. The summary of the data for both the sun and the moon for the Japan earthquake of 2011 is given as follows, including also the equatorial circumference of the Earth under the WGS84 ellipsoid model. (NB: All values are expressed in feet):

Sun & Moon 'Ground Positions' (geodetic co-ordinates)

Sun: latitude: 3.866081091383° S,           longitude 95.94222222222° E
Moon: latitude: 22.664855740161° N,     longitude 162.256666666° E

Epicentre to Sun Ground Position: 21913544.515 feet
Epicentre to Moon Ground Position: 8430236.584 feet

Note: Earth equatorial circumference = 131479713.535 feet

With this raw data one can now proceed to evaluate it, to draw out the resonant musical signature of the earthquake, which indeed reveals the physics in play that cause these highly destructive events. This is key to evaluating any earthquake, or for making earthquake predictions.

The most important relationship that one first needs to be aware of is that concerning the arc length connecting the Sun to the earthquake epicentre. One can see that it is practically dead on one sixth of the full equatorial circumference of the Earth:

Now this implies a resonant effect – and a destructive one at that. The essential principle at work here is simply this: all objects in nature possess their own natural frequencies, and these are dependent upon the objects themselves, and in particular their physical dimensions. If one has a physical object that is impinged upon by an external energetic waveform, and the wavelength of that waveform fits into the dimensions of the physical object a whole number of times, then what happens is that the waveform becomes internally reflected back within the target object, setting up a series of frozen standing wave patterns. Now when this occurs, the target object will become physically agitated and will start to shake. And, if the power of the incoming wave is great enough, in an extreme situation, it will cause the target object to physically fail, or break apart. 

Now this process as described: a resonant interaction between a target object and an external impinging waveform, is well known to physicists. And it is a process which applies to the celestial bodies within our solar system. All planets emitting their signature frequencies and receiving those of all other bodies are continuously susceptible to the build-up of resonant forces within their own form, and of attaining heightened agitative states.

In the case of the Japanese earthquake then, the arc length separating the Sun ground position and earthquake epicentre, being a one-sixth harmonic fit to the equatorial circumference of the Earth, is indicative of the fact that the Earth itself as a target body was struck by an external waveform from the Sun, which set up a resonant standing wave pattern within the Earth. The location of the earthquake itself was thus targeted to occur on one of the peak amplitude points of one of the six wave cycles associated with the waveform pattern.

Now in addition to the sun, one can also see the data for the moon, and see the basic fractional relations that tie together the moon arc to that of the sun. The key fraction as noted is 13/5. And this again is to a high level of accuracy, implying, as with the analysis given in the previous lecture, on nuclear weapons, that the moon also was involved in triggering the earthquake.

But one can go further still, to look at the pure latitude value of the earthquake, to see that the arc length displacement from the equator of the Earth northwards to the latitude point of the epicentre, being 38.322°, is itself highly significant with respect to the earth’s form – in this instance, the polar circumference of the Earth. Indeed, concerning the Earth as a physical ellipsoid body with a defined axis of spin, the equator of the Earth is in essence a maximum amplitude point, and harmonic fits or basic musical ratios linking up pure latitude arcs with the polar circumference of the Earth, are thus also important.

In the lecture that was given previously on nuclear weapons it was shown how the arc lengths associated with various tests linking up ground zero points to Sun ground positions, in addition to pure latitude values, demonstrated clear musical ratios. One may note in particular the ratio of 7 /11 associated with Mike and Hiroshima. Now this is a very important ratio and has been tied-in to numerous events of this type, and indeed the numbers 7 and 11 are important numbers of transformation linked in to the signature patterns of both nuclear weapons and earthquakes, as expressed in Imperial measures. By use of this very fraction one can see a further connection respecting the pure latitude arc of the Japanese earthquake and the elliptical circumference of the Earth from pole to pole, being at 90° to the plane of the equator.

Essentially, if one were to take the elliptical circumference of the Earth and divide it by the number six, and then proceed to transform the value further by dividing it by the basic fraction of 11/7, then one would decrease the arc length to a size that would match that of the elliptical arc up from the equator to the epicentre of the earthquake. For indeed, just like with the nuclear weapons tests as evaluated in a previous lecture, if one arc length value is viable, then a basic fractional modification of that value, such as by employing the ratio 11/7, will also produce a viable energetic wavelength measure:  

Earth Elliptical (Polar) Circumference = 131259392.77 feet
Elliptical Arc from Equator to Epicentre = 13921390.63 feet

(131259392.77 / 6) / (11 / 7) = 13921450.74 feet

Difference = 13921450.74 - 13921390.63 = 60.11 feet

Now the upshot of all these relations as detailed, which applies not just to the Japanese earthquake but to all such events, is that they involve an ordered three-dimensional targeting of a very precise point upon the earth. Specifically, the relations energetically determine which point upon the Earth becomes the very epicentre point of an earthquake. The celestial patterns and the dimensions of the Earth as a target object thus dynamically establish exactly where and when an earthquake will manifest with extreme precision, with resonance itself being the key mechanism that triggers the earthquake, actively causing the destructive event.

Accurate Earthquake Predictions are Entirely Possible

When one very carefully considers the analysis as presented, and the exacting patterns that are associated with earthquakes as actively trigger them, one is forced to concede, in light of the precision already available in astronomical modelling, that earthquake predictions of an exceptionally accurate nature are very achievable. Indeed, within the realm of forecasting, good earthquake predictions that are made based up exacting celestial patterns would be very precise. Essentially, one would not say for example, there is a 60% chance of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake occurring on the west coast of the USA in the next 3 months. Rather, if the science is known and the key resonant waveforms allied to destruction are established, then any forecast as made, would have to give the location of the earthquake in terms of latitude and longitude, to an error of only some 3000 feet, globally, and state the time of the event in precise Universal Time down to an error of 2-3 seconds on a given day. The magnitude estimate would be based upon the strength of the resonant waveforms. Now indeed, with respect to such earthquake predictions as made, the earthquake itself would either happen at the time and location forecast, or it would not happen, and in the case of the latter the forecast would thus have been entirely in error.

The key point is that earthquake predictions are not based on probability as such. One will have either correctly worked out the science, and the earthquake will occur as forecast, or the science will be wrong, and nothing will happen. There is thus no in between when it comes to earthquake predictions and no 'probability estimates' as such.

Further Reading

To view my video presentation on earthquake predictions and the science and methodology, one may consult my You Tube Channel video at the following link: earthquake predictions