Mayan Calendar Cycles

Keith M. Hunter

Esoteric Methods for Tracking World Age Transitions & Great Earth Changes

Here one may consider a series of essays (1 to 10) examining both Aztec and Mayan calendar cycles, and of how they were set up to accurately track major conjunctions - most especially between the Earth and Venus. Great World Age transitions were held by both cultures to occur when certain planetary alignments of a special type were achieved involving these celestial bodies, as linked to certain key constellations, such as The Pleiades.

The Mayan Calendar: 260 Days & the Venus Orbit
How the sacred time cycle of 260 days known as the Tzolkin is used to accurately track Earth-Venus conjunctions with such subtle corrections, as to refine itself to exceptional accuracy over a precise 2000 year period.

Mayan-Aztec Calendar: The Century Cycle & Earth-Venus Conjunctions
An evaluation of the 52 Year Mayan-Aztec cycle derived from a combined 260 day Tzolkin and an Earth year of 365 days. An examination of the precision achieved by this cycle, and the elegant correction involved to sustain accuracy over long periods of time.

Venus Conjunctions, the Pleiades & the Sheaf
The mythology behind the 52 Year cycle is examined. How it was established in ancient times in order to forecast the future date of a great global disaster - earth changes of extreme consequence. The link between the cycle and The Pleiades star constellation is revealed, and there is also a link to a 56 minute video showing the connections between the great disaster as foretold, and Greek mythology from the old world.

Mayan Astronomy & Mythology – A Popol Vuh Story Decoded: Zipacna & the 400 Boys
An in-depth evaluation of a 'mythical' story contained within the Popol Vuh (The "Mayan Bible"), carefully constructed to encode the precise method and calendar cycles used by the Maya to accurately track Earth-Mercury conjunctions.

2012 Mayan Calendar Galactic Alignment
A detailed description of a rare celestial alignment that certain researchers, most notably John Major Jenkins, have suggested was actively targeted by the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The alignment itself is revealed to be one involving the Earth, Sun, and the Galactic Centre, specifically upon a Winter Solstice. A clear description of the actual alignment is provided and an explanation as to how precession is responsible for causing the alignment every 25770 years.

Mayan Long Count: Evidence of a Link to the Galactic Alignment?
Just what is the actual basis of the suggested connection between the Long Count and the purported Alignment as described? What do the ancient and also the modern day Maya themselves have to say on the matter. Indeed, do the Maya themselves subscribe to the linkage? Or is the idea of a connection between the Long Count and the 2012 Alignment a theory developed purely by present day scholars outside of the Mayan Community? If so, then just what actual evidence exists to support the theory? An interpretation of Mayan myths, stone carvings and iconography; or a breakthrough evaluation of the Long Count Calendar sub-cycles? All are considered.

Accuracy of the Mayan Long Count in Targeting the Galactic Alignment
With the theory put forward that the ancient Maya knew of precession, which indeed forms the basis of any forward calculation of a future conjunction of the Earth at Winter Solstice, the Sun, and the Milky Way Galactic Equator, just how accurate is the Long Count in synchronising the completion of the 13 Baktun cycle with the 2012 alignment as determined by modern instruments? And what credit is due to the ancient Maya in the construction of the Long Count, in terms of their developing an accurate long range calendar?

The Energetic Significance of the 2012 Galactic Alignment
Is there anything about the celestial configuration of the alignment as would suggest a trigger for monumental earth changes, as indeed certain researchers have theorised? Looking to the ancients, to the Music of the Spheres and esoteric astrology, including also modern science, and most especially quantum physics, is there any evidence to be had that the 2012 galactic alignment itself will manifest as some sort of grand energetic event? Or will it indeed pass just like any other day? Essentially, do such claims that the Alignment event will cause global destruction or ‘world renewal’ have any basis in physical science?

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