2012 Galactic Alignment - Of Energetic Significance or a Non Event?

Keith Hunter

Does the purported 2012 Galactic Alignment / Conjunction of the solstice sun with the equator of the Milky Way actually trigger sweeping earth changes?

The foundation of this matter was first alluded to in one of the previous essays on this site, The End of the World / Dawn of a New World Age wherein certain passages from the Nag Hammadi texts were given along with the writings of Berossos, though admittedly the Maya or the Mayan calendar systems were not mentioned themselves (as was neither the 2012 Galactic Alignment). The fundamental issue to be considered, as indeed is at the very core of what is the field of astrology, is to what extent if any do the celestial bodies of the solar system influence the earth and its inhabitants.

Now of course, in the field of astrology, especially as presented today, the main emphasis is on how the planets influence human moods, emotions, and 'destiny' per se. This is though but one aspect of this field. As one can point also to the belief, especially rooted in ancient cultures, such as the Babylonians to give but one example, that the celestial bodies of the heavens also govern the occurrence of major natural disasters, even of a global nature. And that such disastrous earth changes involve planetary conjunctions of some sort, of obvious significance to the 2012 Galactic Alignment issue. Is there any proof to this though? Any proof of a scientific nature? Yes. Most assuredly there is.

Earthquakes Triggered by Planetary Activity

If one is to be able to judge whether or not the 2012 Galactic Alignment as said to be linked to the Mayan Long Count calendar will trigger massive global earth changes, then one must know the essential science that underlies earthquakes. For indeed, earthquakes themselves, most especially those of a high magnitude, reveal most decisively the key mechanism at play underlying major earth changes; most assuredly those mentioned by both Plato and Berossos.

To begin this discussion, this author is compelled to start out by noting something that may seem incredible. Indeed, the people who will no doubt most vociferously rail against what will shortly follow are geologists themselves specialising in the science of earthquakes. Be that as it may, here it is:

The science of earthquake prediction is extremely advanced, and those who are intimately familiar with this science possess the ability to predict the future occurrence of earthquakes, such that they can state the magnitude and global location of the epicentre of an earthquake to an error of less 3000 feet, and state the time of the event several years well in advance and to an accuracy of 1-2 seconds of time.

Now indeed, as far as orthodoxy goes, mainstream geologists, even those that may be considered to be 'world class', tend to hold to the position that it is essentially impossible to accurately predict earthquakes at all. And that generally they are due to random geophysical instability in the earth's crustal layers. Be that as it may though, the truth of the matter is that earthquakes of high magnitude as are significant in their impact upon human civilisation, are indeed entirely predictable to extreme accuracy years in advance.

Such is an extremely bold claim though. And indeed, the first question that this present author would be confronted with in light of it would be, "well, if we know when and where large earthquakes are to strike, an earthquake warning system could be established and people could be told well in advance, and lives could be saved. Why hasn't somebody i.e. governments, set up such a system?"

The answer quite simply is that the whole science of earthquakes, as makes possible such high precision predictions, is extremely classified, due to the fact that it has military applications, some of which are of immense strategic importance. Most notable is the fact that the very physical mechanism responsible for causing earthquakes is also the very same as is manipulated to generate nuclear explosions. Essentially, the science of earthquakes is the science also that governs the physics of nuclear weapons. It is a science that has been pursued extensively in secret over the course of the years, while the mainstream research into understanding the underlying causes of earthquakes has been let to go down a blind alley.

As Above in the Celestial Realm, so Below in the Sub-Atomic Realm

What makes possible such high precision earthquake predictions today (though such predictions are never publically released), is the fact that in this modern age, due to technological advancements most notably in computers and astronomical hardware, scientists have been able to generate celestial models of the heavens to an extremely high degree of accuracy, well beyond what has been possible in previous centuries.

Now indeed, it is the very patterns as are achieved in the heavens with respect to the earth, that are the key predictor in knowing just where and when a given earthquake will occur. If one knows which patterns i.e. which planetary/celestial arrangements of the major bodies of the solar system with respect to the earth, actually accompany high magnitude earthquakes, then one could run a forward simulation of the heavens to search out and isolate those patterns as they arise. And thus be in a position to make a credible prediction.

Patterns in the sky; the arrangements of the planets and of the sun and moon…this present author does not wish to imply that they somehow ‘mystically’ trigger highly targeted earthquakes at precise times. There is a real physical mechanism in play. Essentially, certain strange and exotic effects as are well known to occur at the sub-atomic level also occur at the celestial level, most notably the transfer of an electron from one orbit to another instantaneously via a quantum leap. However one may choose to model it, one has a portion of matter literally go from one place to another in zero-time. Such a physical process as this occurs also in macroscopic systems like solar systems. And this is the key to understanding and even defining just what an earthquake actually is.

The Definition of an Earthquake

As of this very moment, and at all times, every single celestial body in the solar system, including the major planets, the sun, and the moons, are all engaged in a continual exchange of matter. That is to say that set portions of matter are being continuously transferred between the various bodies in a highly targeted way. And this is done via what one may describe as hyper-spatial pathways existing in a 'sub-domain' region of space. Such pathways act as a conduit for the transfer of matter between the various celestial bodies. And the transfer itself is instantaneous, just as with the movement of electrons within an atom. With this in hand, one is thus able to define just what an earthquake is:

A geological disturbance caused either by:

1) A set portion of matter withdrawing from just under the surface of a celestial body into a hyper-spatial conduit to be transmitted to another body.

2) A set portion of matter transmitted from a celestial body via a hyper-spatial conduit emerging just under the surface of another celestial body, forcing its way through into a region already occupied by matter.

On the Magnitude of Earthquakes

In the course of a single year there are about 1.5 million earthquakes that strike the earth globally. However, the overwhelming majority are so low-level in terms of their magnitudes that they are practically unfelt and cause no widespread damage. Indeed, earthquakes that one would consider to be of significant strength as to cause real damage and loss of life – of strength 5.0 on the Richter scale and higher – comprise only about 1500 per year, of the 1.5 million. And even of this total about 1300 are between 5.0 and 5.9. And thus, the higher the magnitude, the more rare the quake. In the course of any given year therefore an earthquake of level 8.0 and above would be expected only once.

Of the movements of the celestial spheres, each in relation to one another, given the complexity of their orbits and axial motion, the vast bulk of the continuous matter exchange between them is of a low level nature; a kind of background noise so to speak. And thus, with respect specifically to the earth, the vast majority of the 1.5 million earthquakes to strike the planet would fall into this category. In fact, one would have to concede that, practically speaking, this group of earthquakes would be almost impossible to predict, due to their low-level magnitude. In any attempt therefore to try to predict earthquakes, one must focus upon the 1500 or so as would stand out. And let the reader be assured, that they do indeed stand out, when appropriately evaluated.

The Music of the Spheres

The geometry of the orbits of the celestial bodies [of the solar system] is very well defined. Each possesses, or is accompanied by an invisible spheroid form in 3-dimensions. This is the orbital ellipsoid associated with the body itself. Generally speaking, upon the surface, the major planets (for example) have the appearance of having 2-dimensional elliptical orbits about the Sun. However, it should be noted that the orbital planes of the planets are not perfectly flat and without change. They do indeed slightly, ever so slightly, alter over time. The true curvature of the orbital form of a planet is a 3-dimensional ellipsoid curve, but one that admittedly very closely compares to a 2-dimenional ellipse.

Further to such basic orbital considerations, one may also note the critically important fact that the physical geometry of celestial bodies i.e. the physical forms of such bodies, are also ellipsoid in nature. The dynamic movement of the physical ellipsoid celestial forms upon their axes - as establishes their frequencies - in conjunction with their movement upon their associated ellipsoid orbital forms, constitutes then what is the Music of the Spheres.

Earthquake modelling

The correct model to employ in predicting earthquakes is a geocentric model, wherein the earth is modelled as a true ellipsoid (the most advanced model so far developed for its form being the WGS84 model) rotating on its axis, surrounded by the sun, the moon, and all of the major planets. In modelling the system as presented, one would take a straight line measure from the centre of the earth to the centre of each of the noted principle bodies as extended from the earth. With each body so linked, one would note that the lines themselves would pierce through the surface of the earth at various points, establishing a 'ground position' for each of the extended bodies:

In the diagram as given (not to true dimensions and scale), one could note an example of how any given celestial body in the solar system might be modelled in this way. Pictured, are three examples: The Sun, the Moon and Venus. The black dots represent the surface ground positions of the celestial bodies, as may be expressed in terms of latitude and longitude co-ordinates on the surface of the earth. The expressed model is highly dynamic in its nature and transformed from moment to moment, taking into account the axial rotation of the earth as per its daily cycle and also the orbital cycles of the other major celestial bodies. The former would be the largest or fastest movement, with the latter being much slower.

In light of the above model, just how then are earthquakes caused?

Well, as indicated, an earthquake is a highly targeted matter transfer between different celestial bodies causing an extreme geological disturbance at both ends. Essentially, the dynamic patterns as achieved in the heavens by the major celestial bodies tend to naturally 'activate' certain key points upon the earth (just under the surface) making them the focal point for a matter-energy exchange. Now indeed, this does not necessarily mean that any given earthquake will occur directly upon the earth under the 'ground position' of a given celestial body. But what it does mean though is that when an earthquake does occur at a given latitude and longitude point upon the earth, there will be a key musical relationship between the various arc lengths as connect up the epicentre point of the earthquake at the moment of occurrence, to the various celestial ground positions of the bodies involved in the matter transfer.

Basic musical ratios will be evident, or variations thereof of a slightly more complex nature at the time of a given earthquake - all associated with the select group of celestial bodies involved in the event. The numeric sequences of the ratios and also the arc lengths as expressed in Imperial measures will themselves also be found to possess an affinity to the primary numbers of the ancient sexagesimal system, and close variations thereof.

A Few Examples

Two key measures of great importance to earthquakes are the associated arc length distances directly up from the equator of the earth to the latitude of an earthquake epicentre, and also the arc length measures that link up the various 'ground positions' of celestial bodies to an epicentre. An example of a select set of the former can be had by looking at a sample of earthquakes that have all occurred over the recent period, being of a magnitude higher than 7.0 on the Richter scale.

The values given in Green are the elliptical arc length distance measures in Feet up from the equator of the earth, under the WGS84 model, to the noted latitudes of the earthquake epicentres:

A careful evaluation of the noted measures reveals that they possess numeric values that are very closely allied to those of the primary sexagesimal progression, as begins with the number 6:

6, 36, 216, 1296, 7776, 46656...

In general, one can use the numbers 2 and 3, both of which when multiplied together produce 6, to modify this basic progression to yield values of interest that are found to be intimately associated with earthquake events. Although indeed one does find more complex configurations involving certain additional key prime numbers, with 7, 11 and 13 also involved with earthquakes. All of these numbers are intimately associated with the music of the spheres within the celestial realm.

The Analysis – The Pure Latitude Values

The latitude arc of the pacific earthquake of 2009 March 19 has a value of 8333687.104 feet. Accepting a slight margin of error, one can see that ideally this value would be 8333333.333... feet as an optimum. Which could be derived via:

1/ (6 x 2) = 0.08333333333...

Further multiplied by 10 successively: 8333333.333...feet

Moreover, this value multiplied by 3 a total of 4 times produces:

8333333.3333...x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 675000000

Dividing this by 100 produces a value of 6750000 feet. The ideal optimum of the Haiti earthquake latitude of 2010 as listed.

Of the earthquake to strike to the north of Australia it can be seen that the arc length up to the latitude of the quake was 1366925.327 feet. This value can easily be found to tie in to the basic sexagesimal system with just a few simple modifications:

1 / 1366925.327 = 0.000000731568857674

0.000000731568857674 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 = 0.04319840947

0.04319840947 / 12 = 0.00359986745

The ideal value = 0.0036 being one of the prime numbers of the sexagesimal series.

In addition to this, one can also see a very simple tie in to the Pacific earthquake of February 18 as listed, whose latitude value is 9965529.783 feet:

9965529.783 / 1366925.327 = 7.290471239

7.290471239 / (9 x 9) = 0.090005817

0.090005817 x 4 = 0.3600232710

The ideal value = 0.36

Using the above connections, one may refine the latitude values of the two noted earthquakes to their ideals as follows:

North of Australia = 1366875 feet
Pacific (Feb-18) = 9964518.75 feet

The Analysis – The Celestial Sun-Ground Position Values

One may well regard as somewhat ‘static’ the arc lengths so far studied up from the equator to the latitude of the listed earthquakes. However, the various celestial ground positions as may be associated with a given earthquake event are far more dynamic, being tied in to the very movements of the spheres, the largest of which is the earth axial rotation. This is very much where the music of the spheres comes into play.

In the table below one is presented with the Sun-Ground-Position co-ordinates of the same 4 listed earthquakes whose latitudes have been analysed above. The values as given in green represent the arc length values in feet over the surface of the ellipsoid earth between the epicentres of the noted quakes and the Sun-Ground-Positions, as were present at the very moment the earthquakes struck:

Of the new arc values listed, one immediately can note the apparent order in the value associated with the Pacific earthquake of 18 February: 12223811.706 feet. Ideally, one would of course suspect that this would be 12222222.222…feet exactly. Reduced to a basic fraction, the value of 1.2222222222… is 11 / 9. In this instance one can see a more complex arrangement involving one of the aforementioned key prime numbers noted earlier (7, 11 and 13).

Considering next the associated (SGP) arc length of the earthquake north of Australia, one can see a ready connection to the latitude arc previously given of the Pacific earthquake of 18 February:

9965529.783 / 55365811.67 = 0.179994286

With: (0.179994286 / 3) x 6 = 0.359988573

The ideal value = 0.36

Looking next to the 2010 Haiti earthquake arc measure, one can see a very simple association to the sexagesimal series through use of the number 13:

30047603.656 x 13 = 390618847.528

1 / 390618847.528 = 0.0000000025600403214

The key value here to note from these simple manipulations is 256. This is a part of the very basic numerical progression of ‘doubling up’ from the starting value of 1:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 etc…

From the expressed value as given then, the following can be had to link in to the value 36:

0.0000000025600403214 x 9 = 0.0000000230403628932

0.0000000230403628932 / (8 x 8) = 0.0000000003600056702

The ideal value = 0.00000000036

On the matter of the Pacific earthquake of 19 March, the SGP arc length can be seen to possess a very close affinity to that of the Haiti earthquake, in this instance making use of the basic numbers of 7 and 11:

30079620.607 / (11 x 7) = 390644.423467

1 / 390644.423467 = 0.00000255987271269242

0.00000255987271269242 x 9 = 0.00002303885441423

0.00002303885441423 / (8 x 8) = 0.00000035998210022237

The ideal value = 0.00000036

The Ideal refined values for each of the noted arc measures are thus as follows:

Haiti = 30048076.923076923076923076923077… feet
Pacific (19 March) = 30078125 feet

The Music of the Spheres as Accompanies the End of an Age

One can readily see then from the above select examples of some of the most prominent earthquakes to have occurred over the past few years that there is indeed an extremely well ordered celestial pattern associated with them, at the very least involving the sun, as is tied in to the earth’s own ellipsoid form. Basic musical ratios are evident along with arc length values linked to the primary sexagesimal series through use of Imperial measures.

One should understand from this that earthquakes are indeed highly deterministic in nature in terms of their timing and place of occurrence, and of course their magnitude. And that in general it is the sun that is implicated in most major earthquakes. That being said however, in most instances a variety of celestial bodies are involved, the most notable of which next to the sun is the moon.

The patterns as may be identified to accompany earthquakes involving a matter exchange between various celestial bodies are oftentimes quite subtle and complex. In the examples given one does of course see that there are distinct arc length measures to be had over the surface of the earth connecting up the epicentres of the earthquakes to various Celestial Ground Positions (of the sun), including the latitude arcs up from the equator. Such patterns, though yielding high magnitude earthquakes in the ordinary sense, are generally not of an ‘ultra-extreme’ nature.

It is generally not often the case as such that the epicentre of an earthquake will be directly under the celestial ground position of a given body, or indeed, that there will be multiple bodies in conjunction aligned to a very specific epicentre point upon the earth. Rather, it is usually the case that the vast majority of earthquakes are linked in to a series of celestial ground positions via energetically significant arc measures. And it is in view of this point that one is reminded of the writings of Berossos as noted in a previous essay on this site, The End of the World / Dawn of a New Age.

As detailed in the passage cited by Seneca, Berossos stated that the world would suffer global devastation by either fire or water when all of the planets are aligned on a seasonal extreme [of the earth] such that a straight line would pass between the centres of their orbs. Now indeed, with respect to what is the very exacting science of the Music of the Spheres, extreme accuracy is required to trigger high magnitude matter-energy exchanges between the celestial bodies. But in view of Berossos’ words, one must suspect then that precise conjunctions of multiple bodies directly targeting a set point upon the earth, as would be an earthquake epicentre, would massively compound the magnitude and power of an earthquake. In such an instance therefore, a major alignment between the planets inclusive of the earth, and of such extreme accuracy, would cause an earthquake of such magnitude as would throw the entire planet into great agitation.

2012 Galactic Alignment - A Conjunction to Trigger Global Upheaval?

In light of all that has been revealed concerning the physical science that is the Music of the Spheres and of how major geological events are caused by a distinct mechanism of the solar system involving the exchange of matter between the primary celestial bodies, one must pose the question then as to whether or not the noted 2012 Galactic Alignment said to be associated with the Mayan Long Count calendar, does itself conform to the essential principles of the Music of the Spheres, being a conjunction event capable of triggering major global earth changes of some sort.

In the previous description of the noted 2012 Galactic Alignment essay the precise arrangement of the three principle elements was elucidated in some detail, with the event itself noted as being a conjunction of the earth at winter solstice, the sun, and the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy - by the Mayan estimate (of the Long Count) all occurring together in 2012 AD:

Now indeed, with a basic introduction to the science of the Music of the Spheres it is quite clear that the sun itself is a major celestial body of note involved in high magnitude earthquakes. Moreover, extending this to consider the words of Berossos, it would be eminently reasonable to accept that multiple bodies in conjunction precisely targeting the earth can compound the power of earthquakes. And indeed, if one accepts the veracity of this point, then one is bound to accept with authority the further point Berossos makes that such conjunctions occurring on a season extreme are also an essential ingredient for massive global devastation.

In considering then the primary elements of the 2012 alignment conjunction event, initially it is highly suggestive to note that the Mayan Long Count calendar under the GMT correlation does end on the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) seasonal extreme, and of course that the sun is involved in the alignment. However, are these two points enough to suggest that the 2012 Galactic Alignment is energetically significant and would cause severe earth changes on a global level?

In view of the essential patterns behind the Music of the Spheres and the writings of Berossos, any critical evaluation of the 2012 Galactic Alignment must conclude that the event could not in any way be energetically significant. And the reason for this is quite obvious. A true conjunction in any meaningful sense must involve at least 3 distinct bodies. In the case of the 2012 alignment, as said to be linked to the Mayan Long Count calendar, there is in point of fact no true conjunction at all that one can speak of either upon the 2012 date or any other. Certainly the earth and the sun would count as actual physical celestial bodies, but the galactic equator of the Milky Way? Impossible. For such a thing is nothing more than a mathematical abstraction based on statistics. The equator of the galaxy is merely a ‘line of best fit’ seeking to evenly distribute the stars of the galaxy into two halves. One cannot thus point to any specific third body as would complete a true conjunction:

In truth, there is no third body to join with the earth and the sun to form a conjunction in any real sense upon the 2012 date. None. Moreover, one can indeed go further with the objections to the 2012 Galactic Alignment theory.

It has been previously stated in the last essay that according to the best observations of the modern age, the alignment of the solstice sun to the galactic equator took place to its optimum level in May of 1998. Now certainly it is far better to look to the actual completion of an event as observed, than hold to the Mayan Long Count calendar as a model for when the event was thought to take place - by their 'forward calculation' in 2012 AD. So indeed, one has to concede that the event has already passed and without incident. But more than this however, the reader here may wonder at the seemingly odd remark that the alignment took place in the month of May in 1998. How could that be? Simply put, it is nothing more than another mathematical abstraction. Essentially, on the Winter Solstice of 21 Dec 1997 a straight line passing through the sun and the earth projected itself into one hemisphere of the Milky Way galaxy – as a 2-dimensional picture – and at the next Winter Solstice of 21 Dec 1998 that same straight line was now in the other hemisphere.

In other words, even on the 1998 date, the conjunction did not really exist at all in any exacting manner. The month of May ‘optimum’ is nothing more than a further mathematical abstraction as to an ‘in-year crossover’ into the next galactic hemisphere. By this reckoning, the so-called conjunction would be about 150 degrees in error! Now given the exacting requirements under the science of the Music of the Spheres as to achieving a celestial pattern as would initiate a major matter exchange, this is an incredible level of error. So much so that no exchange could even occur under such conditions, on the 2012 Solstice or any other in this era.

In Conclusion: 2012 Galactic Alignment, a Non Event

In light of the science of the Music of the Spheres, the evidence as presented does not appear to support the contention that the 2012 Galactic Alignment configuration will be energetically significant in any way whatsoever so as to cause major earth changes. The 2012 December Solstice date will be a day to pass like any other. If indeed the whole event has not already passed in 1998, some 14 years prior to the Mayan Long Count estimate of 2012.

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