Ancient World Mysteries from a Forgotten Age

"Thou wilt not doubt the truth of Hermetic wisdom at any time, but thine ability to acquire it only." - Mendocus

The passage of time is not always accompanied by an increase in knowledge, wisdom and truth. And what is excepted today as 'real' history - the orthodox superstructure of the present age - is strong confirmation of this.

Confronted with the facts, the critical mind cannot deny that anomalies abound within the official narrative stretching deep into the past, giving rise to ancient world mysteries demanding resolution.

There is simply no doubt: Prior to recorded history as we know it there once existed a highly advanced global civilisation; one that was more sophisticated scientifically and spiritually than that of the present world age. And that this truth, has been wilfully kept from the masses for millennia, to keep humanity in a state of ignorance as would serve the ruling powers.

An Esoteric Science Concealed From the Masses

The ancient world mysteries have never truly been forgotten. Highly suppressed? Absolutely. And for most of history this was done by secret societies; the ancient esoteric wisdom they held being covertly transmitted with extreme discretion over the ages. Now in the modern age of 'enlightenment' and high technology, we have seen a shift in those who guard the secrets.

With the rise of the industrial age centralised governments and powerful corporations have now come to the fore. And indeed, modern science allied to such forces has been able to actively re-discover and re-engineer the esoteric ancient world mysteries. Decoding the principles of this secret science has enabled related government and private corporate interests to wield enormous temporal power from behind the scenes. And usually not for the benefit of the general populous.

Though never admitted in public, in private it is well accepted at the highest levels of power that mysticism as such, has never been an idle superstition. It was always a high science. An occult or hidden science of the most profound nature. Dark forces though do exist in the world that would keep the keys to kingdom from all others. They do not enter themselves but bar the door to everyone.

The Mysteries Are For Everyone

The comprehensive truth of the high knowledge and achievements of those of the distance past can be had by all - with such knowledge itself being a revelation to the individual. Personally inspiring. But how to get there...?

Everyone starts out on their journey from some point of inspiration. An encounter of sorts that leads us to briefly pause from the everyday aspects of our lives, and consider greater things. The grand purpose of life. Even destiny - and this on a very personal level. If one is hooked, and intrigued by the thought that there might be a higher occult or hidden knowledge in the world, one might be tempted to explore further.

And at this point people usually consider obtaining books under the heading of 'New Age'. Quite a selection perhaps. And yet how many books purchased fail to satisfy? Speaking from direct experience, I own many books concerned with esoteric matters, and very few get close to advanced solutions to the Mysteries. Some are better than others and go further, but oftentimes only go so far, and remain vague about key concepts or explanations.

Now maybe this is due to the fact that certain authors know of the great mysteries in depth, but are holding back. Very doubtful. Far more likely that they only go so far because the person who wrote the book is at the limit of their knowledge. They have given all they can, and they know no more.

High Precision Solutions to The Esoteric World Mysteries

Now it does not take one long to suspect that some of the higher world mysteries as such are strongly tied in to advanced physics. That does not necessarily imply though that they are inaccessible to the layman. But simply that there is a lawful ordered precision in terms of the solutions.

Of myself I can say that upon this realisation, during my own journey, the focus turned to matters of sacred measure and of astrology and the 'music of the spheres'. But I was also intrigued by some of the great megalithic structures of the ancient world, and the notion that they were built as devices to capture cosmic forces, regulated by the movements of the planets.

In essence there seemed to be a link between esoteric cosmology and megalithic structures. And of course, here one is thinking most specifically of The Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge in England.

This link has been the focus of my research for the past 15 years. And with this focus I did indeed make certain critical research breakthroughs. This culminated in my book, The Lost Age of High Knowledge. And here I summarise the key breakthroughs and proofs contained within the book, and the main subject areas:

The Lost Age of High Knowledge

Key Book Content:

1) Ancient World Myths & the Lost Harmony of the Solar System

  • A critical proof of the energetic validity of Imperial Units of Measure demonstrating that they are established upon the frequency based orbital periods of the planets, most especially those of the earth.
  • Proof that the earth did indeed once possess exactly 360 days per year, and was once in a state of extreme harmony with the moon, the sun, and all of the other planets of the solar system.
  • Evidence extending the known celestial laws of Johannes Kepler to encompass an entirely new set of Harmonic Laws, demonstrating how the whole solar system appears to have been transformed at the same time as when the earth itself suffered an increase in it's orbital period from 360 days per year to its present value of 365.242184 days.
  • How the once harmonious solar system was based upon the numerical values of the Babylonian/Sumerian sexagesimal base-60 system. And how this is in accordance with the myths of the ancients when correctly decoded.
  • An explanation for the existence of the asteroid belt, and of Ceres, the largest asteroid within the belt, with a critical proof that Ceres once possessed an orbit of exactly 1440 days per year at the very time when the earth itself possessed 360 days per year.

2) Megalithic Structures: The Great Pyramid & Stonehenge

  • Critical evidence is presented to decisively prove that the ancients who built these megalithic monuments used exactly the same distance units as constitute the British Imperial Measures of the present age.
  • And that modern scientists have done nothing other than simply re-establish the high precision ancient measures of the past. They did not invent them from scratch in the recent period at all!
  • Indisputable evidence of a global linkage between The Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge in England, including a link to the D & M Pyramid on Mars.
  • An in-depth analysis of these ancient structures demonstrating that they are related to one another by a set of basic musical ratios in line with the ancient world sexagesimal base-60 system.

3) The Echelon Matrix

  • A detailed evaluation of the global placement of 3 key facilities of the United States Echelon Matrix including: Menwith Hill in England, The Pine Gap Base in Australia (imaged below), and Buckley AFB in the USA.
  • A decisive high precision proof that they are ALL linked via basic musical ratios and arc length measures tied in to key values of the Imperial System, that allow these facilities to perform energetic functions well beyond what those running these facilities would ever dare to admit to.
  • An astounding further proof that the Echelon Matrix is itself linked in directly to the same musical grid matrix as that of none other than The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge!

4) Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Secrets

  • Incontrovertible proof that Nuclear weapons are based upon the ancient and esoteric science that is the music of the spheres, and that nuclear weapons can only be successfully detonated when the major celestial bodies - including the sun and the moon - are in a favourable configuration relative to the nuclear device itself, as positioned over the surface of the earth.
  • Setting aside such classified information as the design of nuclear triggers and of the compressional properties of plutonium under implosion, the true secret of the bomb is thus revealed.
  • Information presented to demonstrate the key energetic musical ratios (the music of the spheres) as are necessary to actually allow for one to engineer a nuclear explosion - arguably the highest classification level of nuclear secrets.
  • An evaluation of many of the world's most significant nuclear tests and wartime bombs, including: Trinity, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hurricane, Mike, Bravo, King, Tsar Bomba, Canopus, and Grapple Y - All of which are shown to be based upon or detonated in accordance with the relative position of the sun itself, in line with certain key ratios as are embedded within the ancient science of the music of the spheres.
  • Mathematical/musical proofs that are so exacting as to remove all doubt that the ancient science of the music of the spheres was no mere abstract philosophy but a real engineerable physical science. One that has been rediscovered and employed by the world powers of the present age - in secret.

5) Earthquakes, Nuclear Secrets & the Music of the Spheres

  • Decisive evidence that high magnitude earthquakes are indeed caused by the celestial configurations of the major planets, as always maintained by the astrologers of old but dismissed by an ignorant section of the orthodox scientific community of the modern age.
  • Evidence that the very physical mechanism of earthquakes is that which is tapped into to actually produce nuclear explosions!
  • And that it is entirely achievable to forecast high magnitude earthquakes years in advance and to a global accuracy of 2000 ft in specifying the earthquake epicentre, and 1 to 2 seconds of time in occurrence!

6) Matter Transportation Between Worlds

  • Decisive physical-mathematical energetic relations proving that the very mechanism as allows for nuclear weapons explosions and earthquakes may be tapped into to allow for controlled matter transportation.
  • Evidence of the reality of the secret wartime experiment known as the Philadelphia Experiment, and the energetic ratios as defined the event - all of which are in line with the ancient science of the music of the spheres.
  • A precise analysis of the energetic arc measures associated with the Philadelphia Experiment involved in the widely discussed double teleportation event.

The Lost Age of High Knowledge

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